Catamaran Or Monohull For Cruising

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Catamaran Or Monohull For Cruising. The great buoyancy enables the entire boat to act as sort of a raft. A monohull offers a lot more stability in rough waters.

Catamarans Vs Monohulls
Catamarans Vs Monohulls from

The difference in living accommodation between say a Lagoon 410 and a Bavaria 46 cant be overstated. This means catamarans can get into places monohulls yachts often cannot reach and that they can also anchor closer to shore. Its less tiring to sail a catamaran than it is to sail a monohull.

Do you want one hull or two.

The act of heeling gets the adrenaline going. Presented by Eric Smith. Downwind cats feel like a house gliding on the ocean at speed while monos roll from side to side. More spacious and particularly comfortable for a long cruise the catamaran involves more expenses than a monohull in terms of the price of a berth and taxes 15 times higher.