Power Boat Jumping Waves

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Jump Like A Boss The Captain Magazine
Jump Like A Boss The Captain Magazine from thecaptain.tv

Older tanks might have debris at the bottom which can get stirred up as the fuel level drops. Although it looks cool jumping a boat in large waves to the point where its prop breaks loose is a horrible idea. You pull your boat into the slip or next to the dock and someone decides to jump up onto the pier.

Handling the other guys wake boils down to a few simple.

This is a recipe for serious disaster because there are lots of solid objects like pilings planks and the side of the boat which can interrupt the persons fall and turn it into an injury. Where V is the vessels velocity and c is the speed waves propagate in the medium eg water. While it is important to maintain some speed to keep control of the boat as it hits the wake sometimes it is necessary to throttle back to the boats minimum planing speed you should find this out by throttling back in calm water but its typically between 14. Power Boating is all about speed.