Laser Pico Acne

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Laser Pico Acne. Ivan Puah has much knowledge and experience behind this efficient acne treatment. Acne scars which are one of the skin problems are divided into multiple types according to the condition such as redness and spots and depending on the type internal medicine external medicine injection laser treatment IPL treatment.

The Post Summer Skin Revitalizer That You Need Now Picosure
The Post Summer Skin Revitalizer That You Need Now Picosure from

The shorter burst of energy circulated by the laser disrupts the pigment-containing cells within the skin resulting in fading and clearing of the affected area. Remove pigmentation acne scars PIH and tattoos. With the latest Fractional Pico Laser treatment downtime is.

Various reviews in Singapore have highlighted that this treatment can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions such as wrinkles acne scars discoloration and pigmentation issues among many others.

Reduce pimples and appearance of large pores. The new generation picosecond non-ablative laser operates in the ultrashort picosecond domain. Most pigmentation will not return after removal but factors like ageing and sun exposure can cause new pigmentation to develop. It also works great as a laser treatment for acne scars and can be combined with Q-Switch laser to treat active cystic acne.