High Speed Catamaran Hull Design

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High Speed Catamaran Hull Design. These catamaran hull design rules apply world over. The hull design of these cats has been partly responsible for the very high speeds and these cats use asymmetric hulls with vertical sides in the tunnel and a vee on the outside.

Catamaran Design Formulas Catamaransite
Catamaran Design Formulas Catamaransite from www.catamaransite.com

Of course the larger the boat the narrower the hulls will become in comparison to its length. The innovative hull design is fitted with a ride control system comprising a pair of forward-mounted active T-foils and aft-mounted active Interceptors. The obtained results can assist designers of high-speed catamarans in evaluating hydrodynamic characteristics in different speed regimes and hull dimensions.

For example the HFR of a 100 luxury catamaran may be 121 providing it with a high speed potential.

Effects of design parameters such as deadrise angle cross-section shape length-to-beam ratio forefoot contour etc. The boat does 50 mph top with twin 90hp motors and cruises happily at. A discussion about catamaran hull shapes and how they relate to performance and sea keeping with specific reference to the 33 catamaran Mad Max. Design of a Pleasure Craft with Catamaran Hull is just a graduation project which we approached design aspects with the availability of data and resources all we could get.